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David O’Reilly Email 15 January 2016 

Hi Guys,

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In the Newcastle Journal there is an article on Tossie Lee,  descendant of our great, great grand parents Ralph Lee & Ellen Brouder/Broder.

I also noticed on page 19 a Slater’s Royal National Commercial Directory of Ireland 1870. It shows that a Patrick Brouder owned a shop on Maiden Street in Newcastle west.

I believe this person to be related to Ellen Brouder, possibly her father Patrick 1795-1889 (Find my Past web site) or her brother Patrick 1842-1907(Find My Past), either way both alive in 1870.

The 1901 census does show a Patrick Brouder aged 51 (making him born 1850 but it may not be the correct age) but not alive on 1911 census.

That would mean he could be the shop owner aged either 20 or 28.

Or is it the father aged 75?  

Tossie Lee:

Gabriel Lee our great uncle:

Philomena Lee: Proof she was Tossie’s sister

Ralph Lee Grave:

He was James Lee’s brother, our Great Grand Father, and I believe this to be Tossie and Philomena’s descendants

See Appendices

Geraldine LeeO’Sullivan Email 15 March 2017


Ralph Lee was born in Sligo according to his enlistment papers.  He was a protestant. He joined the Irish Constabulary in  November 1832. He was 20 years old.  His service number is 1287

He served 28 years and 6 months.

He retired on the 1/6/1861 on a pension of £34. His height was 5ft10 inches. He was promoted constable 1/2/1845

He served in Galway for 4 months; Clare 6 years and 4 months; Limerick city 5years and 8 months and Limerick county the rest.He is listed in all relevant volumes of Royal Irish Constabulary History and Directories. 

Vol 1848 -1850 and 1851-1853 he is stationed at Ballysimon, Limerick. The district is Limerick Liberties and he is the constable in charge.

In Vol 1854-1856, 1856 -1859, and 1860-1863  he is Listed as stationed  in Newcastle Limerick.

He married Elllen Bruder/Brouder  (I found many spellings for her name) on 13 November 1861 in Newcastle. She is aged 26. You can find a copy of the marriage record on line or at Roman Catholic records Newcastle West, County Limerick Diocese of Limerick marriages Micro film 02425/04 pg 142

Her father is Patrick Bruder as mentioned in Davids documents.

David also found a Ralph Lee mentioned in Griffiths valuation in the Parish of Ballysumaghan in Gaddan Beg but I havent establish a connection. If someone else has maybe they could let us know. I have a transcript of his death but not his death Cert. He died aged 56 in 1868 in Newcastle Co Limerick. Vol 20Pg 369 should anyone like to go to Werburgh St to get a copy.




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