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John Delahunty married Brigid Garrahan (?) and they had two children, Mary in 1838 and Thomas around 1857, as found in Ancestry (presumed accurate based on convesation with Keith (?) )

John Delahunty was a farmer. I cannot find a birth record. However they were many Delahuntys around the South East at that time. Delahunty is often thought to be  a Hugenot name, and Hugenots were thought to settle here, but we have no further evidence yet of a link. There are no Delahunty’s in the Dublin Hugenot Cemetry. According to McLysagt, the authority on Irish names, Delahunty is an Irish name.

There is John Delahunty who served in WW1 . May be him ? 

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I cannot find anything about Mary. No marraiges for Kilkenny or Thomas town give John Delahunty as father. 

John and Brigid gave birth to Thomas Delahunty around 1857 in Co. Kilkenny. He was in the RIC, joining in 1875,  and married Ann Mahon, son of John Mahon, in August 1884, in Strokestown, Co Roscommon. Ann was born around 1866 or 1869. Keith has her as Anne Ethel Mahon, born 1866, of Strokestown House in Roscommon, although I cannot find this in the Irish records.  Her father is described as John Mahon, Farmer on the marriage certificate. This is consistent with family lore of connections to the Mahons of Strokestown house. Though by 1850, the Mahon family had become the Pakenham-Mahons and lived in the UK so she is not direct descendent it would seem.


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Thomas & Annie had 5 children (according to the 1901 and 1911 census). 

Brigid, b 1885

Annie Josephine, b. 1897

John Joseph, b 1898

Sarah, b. 1901

Emily, b.1901

Their eldest daughter, Brigid was born in Strokestown and at that time he is described as sub-constable. It appears he was posted to Killashee, Longford, where Annie, Sarah and John were born, and later moved back to Strokestown, as the youngest daughter Emily was born there in 1905. 

They can be found in both the 1901 and 1911 census and he is described as RIC in 1901 but a farmer in 1911. He retired in 1903, noted in the Ancestry site. However the family (adult children) also lived in Dublin in 33 Ashford Street, North Circular. 

The gap between Brigid and Annie is curious. If there were stillborns they would have been noted in the 1911 census. There may have been miscarraiges which would not have been recorded as births. Or perhaps Ann had periods of illness. 

Thomas died in 1932 of cardiac failure, in Dublin. His address was 33 Ashford St and his son, John Joseph, was present. John Joseph’s address is 16 Nrt Circular Rd. 

Anne died in 1943, in Rathcarne, Trim presumably with the Ledwith family. 

Brigid was born in 1885 in Roscommon. Brigid Delahunty is listed at 15 years of age in the 1901 census, consistent with her birth record. In 1911 she is listed as 23, and no occupation given. Her marriage took place when she was 39 years of age, and she was listed as a nurse.She married Thomas Ledwith in 1924 in Aughrim St. Church. She is described as a nurse and Thomas as a ’police Pensioner’.  His father is described as ex-RIC.  Sarah Delahunty was a witness. Alan believes his father  was a page boy at the wedding. They had three daughters Bridie, Georgie and Millie. I cannot find any birth records in ‘Irish Geneology’.

However a Patricia Brigid Ledwith, born in 1926 and Georgina Ledwith born in 1927, and Mildred Ledwith born in Dublin north in 1925 and married in 1950, were all found in  ‘Family Search’ but no other information. 

So it appears the daughters were born in 1925, 1926, and 1927. This very was late to deliver safely three healthy daughters. But also relatively unusual for a woman to have profession in 1920s. She could have trained during WW1  or could have worked in one of the many voluntary hospitals in Dublin.  She could have worked ‘nursing’ children untrained. Interesting if LisaGraham has any information this. 

Bridie and Georgie, as they were known, later lived in Marino and we visited then a number of times. Bridie worked on the Catering staff in Trinity College for many years. She was a fabulous baker. Georgie is listed as granddaughter, present at Anne Delahunty’s (born Mahon) death.

Based on Josephine and Tony’s account, Mildred married  ? Alister, and their daughter, Lisa, married and became Lisa Graham. 

Annie Josephine was born in 1897 in Co. Longford. She married Patrick Griffin of  (?Newry?) in 1923. Her address at the time was 33 Ashford Street , North Circular Road.  Annie and Patrick had two (?) children, John Joseph, born in 1924, Maurice born in 1926 although I cannot find records  of their birth in the Irish records. I can find a record of a John Joseph Griffin, 1924 in Dublin North in ‘Find my Past” but no further information.  Find my Past also has a Maurice Griffin born in Dubin South in 1926, and  a Maurice Griffin who married in Dublin North in 1946, marrying either Isobel ODonnell, Agnes Curran, Johanna Fitzgerald or a Margaret Birney. Unsure if this is Annie and Patrick’s son. 

Based on Keith’s ancestry site, there were two other children, Mary Teresa and a baby in 1933, although these do not appear in the Irish civil records (which may be incomplete). 

Based on Josephine and Tony’s account,  John Joseph married Kathleen Dorman and they had two boys, Tommy in 1947 and John in 1949. I can find notice of Thomas Griffin born in Dublin South in 1946 in ‘Family Search”. John Joseph then went to UK, where Tony was born, in 1951. John Joseph stayed in the UK and died there in 1992 in York. 

Keith has identified that Kathleen and John Joseph divorced in England in 1975 and he re married a Madeline Truman in 1978.

It appears Annie died, aged 89, in 1968. She was living in Rathcarne, Trim Co Meath and her daughter-in-law, A. McDonagh, was present.This must be Maurice’s wife ? 

Patrick Griffin died in 1970 in Dublin, noted on Keith’s site.

John Joseph was born in 1898 in Co.Longford. He married Susan McGarry in 1922 in the ProCathedral in Marlboro St.  Susan was born in Louisberg, Co Mayo, daughter of James Joseph McCarry and Mary Teresa Madden. These are in Ancestry as McCarry, although Alan remembers the names as McGarry. John’s address is 33 Ashford St., and he is described as an Army Instructor. Susan McCarry/Garry lived in Gardiner St.  Interestingly, her father is also described as ex-RIC. They had two boys, John, in London in 1922 and Alan in 1923. I cannot  find a birth record for Alan. They moved back to Dublin ??? 

Alan never married. He lived with John’s family  in 9 O’Connell Avenue, Dublin 7,  then 15 O’Connell Ave., and then 74 Ballymun Park, Dublin 11. When he was young he fell off a windowsill and broke his back. He spent a number of years in hospital. He died at aged 44 in Dublin. The cause of death was asthma. His occupation was a Taxi Driver. 

John married Margaret O’Reilly and they had two children, Philomena and Alan. Margaret suffered five still births. Philomena married Rory Reid and she has four children, Nicola, Tharren, Damon and Shane. Nicola and Damon each have two children. Alan married me (Margaret Hodgins) and we have two boys, Fionn and Oisin. We used both surnames in naming the children and Fionn therefore is the last to carry the Delahunty name. 

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Sarah was born in 1901 in Co. Longford. It appears she married a Thomas (J or F) Higgins in Aughrim St Church in 1932. Her address is given as 33 Ashford St and her father as Thomas Delahunty, ex RIC. Thomas Higgins was a widower. I can find no births and cannot find a death record for her in the Irish records. In the deaths for Thomas Higgins in Dublin, the most likley is Thomas Francis Higgins, retired secretary, died aged 76 in 1961. He would have been born 1885. His address is Clancy Road in Finglas and present at the death is Louise Lougheed his daughter in Liverpool. Alan recalls meeting an Ann Higgins years ago, although I cannot find a birth registered. 

Emily was born in 1905 . There is a death for an Emily Delahunty, 7.5 years old in the Richmond Hospital in 1913. The address given is  of 33 Ashford St., connecting her with Annie – so the family, at least the siblings, had moved to Dublin by between 1911 and 1913. She died on St Patrick’s day in the Richmond Hospital of burns .

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